Sponsorship   Consultancy

Five West specialises in every aspect of sport sponsorship from strategic development through to the delivery of a fully integrated sponsorship activation plan. Our unique knowledge of sponsorship and the sailing landscape enables us to plan and create sponsorship business cases and explore investment options for brands that are interested in what sailing has to offer them. We work in partnership with our clients, utilising our tried and trusted methodology, to identify their goals and match them with suitable sailing platforms. We also offer agency services to deliver optimal marketing and activation plans across the full communications mix to ensure that we derive maximum value for our clients.

Commercial Rights  Management

Our team has a wealth of experience in maximising value for commercial rights holders. We are able to guide existing rights holders in the development and execution of commercial and marketing strategies to exploit the value of their assets. Similarly, we provide consultancy services to identify and acquire commercial rights on behalf of interested parties.

Marine  Infrastructure  Projects

Five West has unrivalled expertise in the planning and execution of large scale marine infrastructure projects, from marina developments to the creation of international boat shows. Utilising our extensive knowledge of the marine industry and our significant commercial experience, we are able to consult on the planning, development and execution of these projects, delivering significant value return for our clients.

Technical  Campaign  Management

Through our work over the last decade with Alex Thomson Racing and the Hugo Boss Sailing Team, we have developed an outstanding reputation for world class sailing campaign management. Five West has a dedicated team that specialises in campaign planning, operations management, technical development and support. We can also offer a full marketing and communications package for any existing sponsors a team or individual may have, or assist in the search for new sponsors/partners.

Talent   Representation

Five West has a number of strategic relationships with some of the world’s leading sailing talent. Through these relationships, we look to match suitable corporate sponsors to emerging and established talent. We also provide assistance and advice to our talent on all aspects of campaign management, marketing and PR.

Host  City  Bid  Management

Our relationships with a number of key cities around the world and many of the world’s major sailing events, allows us to develop and negotiate agreements to host some of the world’s leading sailing events. Whether an event is seeking a new venue or a city is looking to attract large scale sailing events, we are able to provide consultancy and management services to get the deal done.

Hugo Boss Boat
Invictus Boat