Five West is a sports consultancy specialising in the sailing and marine industry. Our team’s experience in professional sailing allows us to develop and deliver a fully integrated solution for brands, rights holders and sports governing bodies. Our services include Sponsorship Consultancy, Commercial Rights Management, Marine Infrastructure Projects, Technical Campaign Management, Talent Representation and Host City Bid Management.

Our team's, exceptional experience and connections within the sports industry and the world of business, enables us to deliver high value return on objectives and investment. We maximise the commercial potential of professional sailing and marine projects on a world stage, as well as shaping the careers of our sports personalities and talent.

Our   Ecosystem

Imoca ocean racing world championship, Caterham Composites, Tanqueray
The Hugo Boss sailing campaign is one of the very best examples of sports sponsorship, it is where sailing sponsorship should be. It’s about business and sport coming together to create something exciting and innovative that pulls every marketing lever possible in a stylish, and aspirational way. This campaign is not about placing stickers on the hull, it’s about synergising the brand and the boat to the maximum effect. The figures almost certainly stack up, but just as importantly the campaign is creative and credible, and that’s what the public psyche buys into.

Nigel Geach, Director of the European Sponsorship Association